March in pictures

I was just about to start writing about our Pembrokeshire holiday adventures, but then remembered that I have a bunch of photos from March that I haven’t shared, so here’s a quick photo post to catch you up.

A major highlight of March was a child-free trip to Helsinki for Matt and I!  I was lucky enough to have an opportunity through work to visit Finland for a conference – so we spoke very nicely to my parents who agreed to look after Alex and Sophie for two days so Matt could join me for a couple of days when my work was done.  It was so novel being on a city break with my man – it’s nearly six years since we’ve travelled as a couple.

We made the most of our time in a new city, exploring as much as we could manage on foot. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold so we were able to spend most of the time outdoors.  I loved walking around the inlet by our hotel, most of which was still covered with sea ice.


It’s quite a compact city, so we were soon in its centre.  Here we are at Helsinki cathedral:


We wandered all over the city, particularly enjoying the Museum of Contemporary Art where we tried – and probably failed to comprehend the intriguing installations!   We also loved warming up in some really unusual churches – demonstrating some crazy architecture, including Temppeliaukio Church which is literally carved out of the bedrock of the city:


And the stunning temple of silence where we escaped the bustle of the city centre for a few minutes.


While the city was interesting and I loved exploring a new place and culture, probably the highlight of the trip was an incredible dinner we enjoyed with some friends.  My colleague Beth took us to Restaurant Ask for a tasting menu experience – and what an evening we had!  Over four hours we consumed something like 20 individual (small!) dishes trying so many new things I can barely remember them all now.  I do remember eating reindeer tartar and finishing the meal with some fabulous blinis with caramel sauce and buttermilk ice cream – yum yum yum.  So good – if you’re ever in Helsinki, check it out.


But anyway, enough food talk, back to those children of mine…(who were brilliant for their grandparents by the way!)

Back in London, we had a fairly quiet couple of weekends in the build up to Easter.  We had a fun trip to our local bowling alley with some friends.  Alex bowled by himself for the first time without the children’s rolling aid – and did really well!


The kids had been really good, so we stopped off at the toy shop on the way home to pick up some puzzles – and we were delighted (and surprised) to find the children spent ages working hard (and quietly) on their jigsaws.


Actually – just a bit more food talk…  we listened to a podcast recently about what makes the perfect pizza and heard about a new book listing the best pizza restaurants in the world. The podcast made us so hungry, we promptly bought the book and decided to try and visit all the London entries!  So over Easter weekend, we headed down to Streatham to sample Bravi Ragazzi to see if it was as good as the book suggested.  Check out the size of these pizzas!  They were absolutely delicious.  We’re looking forward to trying more of the book!


The end of March, of course, saw the Easter weekend.  The children did lots of activities at school for the end of term, including an Easter bonnet parade!  They were so proud of their creations!


Alex’s favourite activity was some chocolate egg-shaped lolly making – he could hardly wait to eat his creation!


Finally, here’s my duo in the garden centre on Easter Sunday – eating more chocolate – and helping me pick some new plants for the garden.  And Sophie and her shadow in my kitchen – she was giggling away saying “look at my silly shadow, it keeps copying me!”



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