The good life

I’m writing from beautiful (and rather rainy) Pembrokeshire where we’re at the start of a week-long family holiday.  We drove from London on a gloriously sunny spring day, slightly grumpy to be stuck in the car.  With it being a nearly five-hour drive we were so relieved that we’d arranged to spend a couple of hours with my friend Amy and her family in rural Wiltshire.

They’ve recently moved to a stunning old cottage with acres of land – and the peace and quiet was such a welcome relief after the M4.  We had a quick tour of the house and then headed outside into the sunshine in our wellies.  While us grown-ups caught up on a year’s worth of news and gossip, the children climbed up the main field to meet the resident sheep!


Alex and Sophie ran and ran – loving the sunshine and the space.  How cute does Sophie look – her friend Isla loaned her ear muffs and the gilet!


Six-year-old Isla took Sophie under her wing and the pair were inseparable during our visit.  They held hands almost the entire time and Isla guided Sophie all over the orchard and field!  They look like they’d fit in perfectly at Glastonbury!


Here’s Sophie rocking the ear muff look!


Alex loved the little woodland area where he loved climbing and den-building with his friend Bertie!


Amy helped him find real dinosaur bones in the woods (actually fox bones).  He was so excited with the discovery and is convinced he found the remains of a spinosaurus!


We had such a lovely time wandering around in the sunshine, hearing more about Amy and Jim’s plans for the place.  I must admit I felt rather envious of the gorgeous property and land – my tiny square urban garden doesn’t quite compare!  They really are living the good life, and I can see they’ve found their forever family home and lifestyle.

Massive thanks to The Thompsons for giving us the perfect place to break out journey and get into holiday mode!

(Final pic for people who know Amy and I – this picture makes me laugh, it’s like mini Matt, Jim, Amy and Pamela!  Sometimes it freaks me out to see the next generation growing up so quickly and so much like us)


2 thoughts on “The good life

  1. What a wonderful time away and a great day spent with your friends. It is clear the children really enjoyed each other’s company and this made the day in the fields and woods extra special. I love the dinosaur bones story. Alex will remember this for some time to come. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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  2. Wow looks like you had a wonderful time! And it must have been quite special getting somewhere so far away from London – I’ve never been to Pembrokeshire but I hear it is stunning over there, wish I’ll get to see it too someday. #countrykids

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