January in pictures

Just sorting through photos as I start my 2016 photobook, and thought I’d share a few snapshots from January – our lives according to my smartphone!

Alex and I had a special day out together a couple of weeks ago to see Shrek The Musical at the theatre!  It was his very first experience of a full-length live musical and he was very excited about it (as was I – looking forward to many years of trips to the West End together!).  Shrek wouldn’t have been my first choice, but as Alex had performed parts of it at his Summer School last year, it seemed the perfect introduction for him!

Here we are ready for the curtain to go up.  He enjoyed the show, although annoyed the couple in front with his constant fidgeting (quite why you’d go on a date to see a Saturday matinee of Shrek, I don’t know!).

Meanwhile, Sophie had a fabulous time at a princess and super hero party – dressed up as Anna, pinning a plait on Elsa!!


My siblings have had a bit of a turbulent month, with a run of colds and bugs and quite a bit of grumpiness.  But they’ve had some fab moments.  Love this shot of them giggling together at bathtime.


And for the second time, we popped in to kiss them goodnight when we went to bed, and found them both in Sophie’s single bed.  I love that they share a room!


Well rested, Alex and Sophie had an amazing time at the Mini Vault Festival – a series of events and performances in the tunnels under Waterloo station.  They watched some circus acts, including a high wire and a beat-boxing juggler, and explored a wonderful play zone.  It’s running for a couple more weekends, and I think we might pop back – would highly recommend it!  I love getting to explore hidden parts of the city!


In other news, I took a day off and had a make up lesson!  Figured since I’m nearly 40, I should probably learn how to look a bit more professional – and I had loads of fun doing it!  The kids were quite confused when I picked them up – Alex kept saying that I didn’t look like mummy – so not sure I’ll be putting on the war paint too frequently!


Finally, last weekend we dressed up for a very special occasion – the Christening of my friend Marie’s baby daughter.  The kids were thrilled to spend the day with their little friend Emilia, and they had lots of fun as we tried to gather them together to get some photographs of the trio.


They can’t resist pulling silly faces at the camera!


Alex looked so grown up in his shirt and chinos – he’d fit right in in the city!  My boy is growing up fast!


Katharine and Emilia were on fine form and looked gorgeous together as always.


Whereas Family Agar’s attempt at a Me and Mine shot didn’t quite go to plan!  This makes me laugh every time!


Roll on February and more family adventures!

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