A very muddy “Me and Mine” {January 2016}

I’ve had in the back of my mind trying to take part in the “Me and Mine” project this year – taking a whole family portrait every month.  After a failed attempt last weekend (more on that in another blog), we found ourselves with an opportunity this afternoon.  We’ve had a really busy weekend, dashing around town and packing lots in – but finding ourselves with a couple of free hours this afternoon, we headed up Dulwich Woods for a quiet family walk.

It was incredibly muddy, so Alex and Sophie were delighted!  We let them take it in turns to choose our route so we slowly meandered around the woodland together enjoying being outside.


Alex and Sophie were in their element, running everywhere, sliding around the mud and attempting to find the squelchiest path!


Sophie found plenty of extremely muddy puddles for jumping in – and mostly stayed on her feet!


She did fall flat on her face a couple of times, getting covered in mud!


Here they are looking so grown up!


Alex was thrilled when he managed to navigate to his favourite spot in the woods – the castle ruins (actually a crumbling Victorian folly!).  He immediately climbed to the top, closely pursued by Sophie.


I love how my pair climb everything they can!


The ruins gave us a chance to attempt a “Me and Mine” photograph – so here we are!


The Me and Mine Project

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