Playdates {The Ordinary Moments 16}

After blogging about an ordinary moment last week, I thought I’d try and do it regularly to savour the day-to-day parts of our lives that I don’t want to forget.  So here goes with week 2!

With the winter afternoons long and dark, we regularly fill weekend afternoons with playdates with Alex and Sophie’s friends.  One of the perhaps unexpected benefits of parenthood for me has been the good friends we have made too – we’ve been incredibly lucky to get on well with their friends’ parents – so I love a good playdate as it means time for a grown up catch up too over tea or sometimes wine! We try and arrange one most Sunday afternoons as we have swimming class in the morning which means we can’t really go on day trips (that’s a topic for another ordinary moment!).  So today, we had Alex’s friend Finlay and his little sister, Ellis who goes to nursery with Sophie.

Alex and Finlay have been firm friends since their first days in the school nursery, and they get up to such mischief together that they weren’t put into the same reception class (a wise decision from the teachers I think!).  When they get together, they tend to go wild – so within seconds of his arrival, the playroom was in disarray and the house was filled with screams and laughs.  It was nuts, and hard to believe the toy carnage was being caused by only four children!

After quite a few tellings off, and a bit of gingerbread man bribery, we suddenly noticed the house was ominously silent.  After searching for the gang, we found them in our bedroom!  They’d sneaked into our room, found the iPads (which are normally only for facilitating weekend lie-ins!) and were happily paired up watching their favourite shows – Peppa Pig for the girls and Walking with Dinosaurs for the boys.  They were so engrossed that they didn’t spot me grab the camera.


Can you spot the balloon animal (a talent Matt just discovered this afternoon when trying to distract the kids from destroying the playroom!)


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3 thoughts on “Playdates {The Ordinary Moments 16}

  1. Aw such a cute set of photos of them all deep in concentration and how lovely for them (and you) to have such lovely friends! An iPad solves everything in our house but we try to limit them as much as we can! x

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