New Year’s Eve in Tumbling Bay

Tumbling Bay sound rather romantic I think – it makes me imagine a remote, rugged beach somewhere…  But it’s actually the name of the fabulous playground in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, and the venue of our final family excursion of 2015!  With Katharine and Emilia visiting, and the weather clear and bright, we decided to get some fresh air and let the kids tire themselves out.  We head out to Stratford fairly regularly, as we love visiting the Olympic Park, but it was Katharine’s first time so we were excited to show her Tumbling Bay.

We chose to drive over so Emilia could nap, but traffic was bad and we got a bit lost – making me doubt whether it was a good idea to head to the otherside of London – but a picnic lunch in the Olympic Velodrome watching cycling practice soon made me remember that I adore visiting the Park.  We wrapped up warm as the weather had turned decidedly chilly – I’m not sure Alex and Sophie were that keen to be outside when we arrived…


But they soon cheered up when they remembered the playground!   Sophie loved showing Emilia the slide.


She went down it countless times!


Alex, meanwhile, was exploring the huge web of climbing nets:


And clambering over the bridges and through the tunnels on the enormous climbing frame.  He loves his eskimo coat!


Here are the girls heading off to bravely follow the long, wobbly bridge by themselves.  I love them holding hands – they are becoming such gorgeous little friends!


At the end of the wobbly bridge is a massive sandpit which was a particular favourite of Emilia who spent ages digging with a friend she made (who helped her over the bridge when Sophie deserted her up there – whoops!).


And here’s a happy Emilia on the swings.


With a safe network of paths around the playground and beyond, it was the perfect place for Emilia to have her first ever go on a scooter.  She was a natural and was soon scooting much faster than I think her mummy hoped she would!


With the light gorgeous, we stopped for some photos by the Olympic rings and velodrome – I still get such a buzz from being in the 2012 park.  It’s transformed so brilliantly into a great place to visit any time of year.  We’re already looking forward to coming back in the Spring to enjoy all the water play!


I love this shot of the gang being themselves!


Here we are in the final daylight hour of 2015.  It was a perfect afternoon, which was followed by a chilled out evening drinking bubbly and chatting with friends over dinner in my kitchen – my ideal New Year’s Eve.



6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Tumbling Bay

  1. This looks like a great way to spend New Years Day, the kids look like they’re having loads of fun! It’s great to see Sophie and Emilia’s friendship becoming so strong (even if Sophie left her on the wobbly bridge). Alex looks like he’s having a great time exploring, I love the cheeky picture of the 3 kids and Katherine. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


  2. Pamela – I stumbled upon your blog on a rare moment on Facebook and signed up last week. It is just fabulous and now being in New York it makes me feel more connected to home . I really look forward to reading the next ones. Laura (Jack and Alex’s mum).


    • Hi Laura – how lovely to hear from you! Was wondering how you were doing the other day. Hope life in New York is treating you well. So glad you like the blog – I do worry I share way too much of Alex and Sophie’s lives, but I enjoy reading old posts so much I’ll keep doing it until they tell me to stop! Can’t wait to see you guys soon xxx


  3. Think it is lovely how children will always make friends, and how nice of her new friend to help. Love them holding each others hands.
    Glad they enjoyed themselves despite their reservations at the beginning.
    How great she had somewhere to play with the scooter and she mastered it so quickly.
    over from #countrykids

    Liked by 1 person

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