Siblings #1 {January}

I started this year with a personal aim of being a bit more focused with my blogging. Of course, my grand plans have been foiled by the complete craziness of my life! But I have made a start. I’m participating in a #project365 initiative where I take a photo every day for a year and have managed 40 days so far without missing one – and I’ll share those pics on the blog every month.

Something else I’ve been keen to try are some of the family blogging projects which challenge bloggers to capture a theme each month. I read a lot of blogs, and particularly enjoy two theme projects:

  • Siblings – capturing in a photo each month a developing sibling relationship
  • Me and Mine – snapping a family portrait every month

I didn’t manage to get a full family portrait in January, but I did capture some sibling moments, so I thought I’d start with that!

I’ve talked to Matt quite a bit this year about how I feel in the last few weeks we’ve seen a real difference in Sophie and Alex’s relationship with each other.  Until very recently, they played well in the vicinity of each other and got on well.  But suddenly they have started playing together properly.  I regularly hear giggles coming from the other room or from Alex’s play tent, and find the pair of them engrossed in a game together.

Sophie follows Alex everywhere, copying him and really looking up to him (not sure he’s the best role model…), and they have really started showing each other affection and care.  It is such an enormous pleasure to watch and I’m really looking forward to seeing their budding relationship develop.  I am sure there will be many fights, but I hope I keep hearing mischievous giggles for many years to come.

Here they are visiting our local ducks and geese:


They had a brilliant time together at Baby Booters, a local football group:


And, my favourite pictures of January – my duo crammed into a cardboard box enjoying a cuddle and kiss:


dear beautiful

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