Airplanes, swings and ice cream

After a quiet few weekends, we’ve just got home after a very busy one!  We’d decided to visit my parents up in Northamptonshire for the weekend, but decided to break the journey up there on Saturday morning at the RAF Museum in Hendon.

I’ve wanted to go for ages, but we never quite got round to it.  Am kicking myself for passing the junction so many times without stopping – it’s incredible!   Three enormous hangers packed full of historic and contemporary aircraft, brilliantly accessible for two enthusiastic toddlers.

hendonOn top of all the amazing aircraft on display, there was a vast children’s indoor picnic and play area – a great place for Alex and Sophie to use up their post lunch energy in advance of the afternoon drive North. Alex got to have a go on a glider and bounce on helicopter blades, and Sophie enjoyed climbing over the wooden planes and helicopters.

hendon2It really was a stunning museum – heaven for me.  I particularly loved the crumbling old Lancaster which looks like it’s in the early stages of restoration.  It looked so old and distinguished – particularly when compared to the faithfully restored Lancaster in the hanger next door.

hendon3I’m already looking forward to going back and checking out the rest of the exhibits.  I can see we will become regulars!

We were soon back on the road heading to Northamptonshire, Alex very excited about seeing his grandparents.  And I can see why he was excited, as the second he arrived he was presented with freshly made cupcakes and a new toy!  He is spoiled!

Once the sugar high had passed, we had a lovely afternoon braving the cold to walk around the village and watching movies in the warm house.

Today dawned surprisingly sunny and mild, so we headed out for a walk in Towcester. We played pooh sticks and Sophie attempted to scoot – I don’t think it’ll be very long until she wants her own scooter!

walkSophie also discovered the joy of being swung high – so Grandma and I spent ages swinging her in the air.  She squealed and giggled for ages, struggling to be swung higher – it was gorgeous!

swingingThe morning flew by, and after lunch we were back on the road, this time Oxford bound to drop in on our NCT friends, Dan and Bryony.  Alex and his friend Fred were so excited to see each other – it’s brilliant that they remember each other properly now!  They were soon running around and playing – and getting so wild, that we sent Matt and Dan out with the children to the nearby park to burn off some energy!  That left Bryony and I nearly an hour to properly catch up – what a luxury!

As night fell, we enjoyed a Mexican dinner together before the boys got to decorate their own ice cream cones with sprinkles and sweets – the highlight of their afternoon!


We drove home at the childrens’ bedtime, expecting them to sleep the whole way.  But a combination of the ice cream affect and the amazing stars and new moon to look at, meant that Alex stayed awake the whole way home!  Wonder how grumpy he’s going to be in the morning when we have to wake him up!

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