A day out in the country

Boxing Day dawned crisp, sunny and clear – much to our delight as we were heading down to the Surrey Hills for the day to visit Matt’s brother, Richard, and his family – beginning the more transient part of our Christmas holiday where we attempt to visit as many friends and family as possible in just a few days!

As soon as we arrived, Alex disappeared up to his cousins’ bedroom to play with Thomas and Edward – and we tucked in to some chocolate log and mince pies!  Sophie immediately spotted Monty the dog, and spent much of the rest of the day smiling, kissing and pointing at him. She really does love animals!

Sophie2Sufficiently energised by chocolate, we all wrapped up warm and headed out into the glorious Surrey Hills right behind their house – Alex in his wellies and Sophie in our hiking backpack.  Turned out she’s not a big fan, so she looked like this a lot of the time:

Poor lamb!  Thankfully we let her out for a wander around at the midway point, and she was a bit perkier afterwards!!


The boys on the other hand had a blast, running around through the trees, playing hide and seek and getting nice and muddy.

WalkWe attempted to get a group shot of the boys but completely failed to manage one without a silly pose or pulled face – here’s the best one we managed:


They were funny!  It’s so nice to see Alex having a great time with his older cousins – and exciting that another baby cousin will be arriving in the next few weeks! A buddy for Sophie!

We had a thoroughly lovely day and a delicious lunch – not that Sophie partook of it.  She has four teeth cutting through at the moment so is on a bit of a hunger strike.  But she did enjoy some chocolate ice cream along with the boys.

Here are all the photos from our lovely day trip if you fancy seeing the full set:


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