Softplay and the Southbank

I am quite clearly mental for starting a blog post at midnight – but I hate getting behind and I’m feeling quite awake (which is stupid as Sophie will be up in 6 hours!).

We’ve had another few days of extremes – Alex is definitely in a challenging phase at the moment, either super happy and fun or monumentally grumpy and cross. There isn’t much in between, so life is pretty tiring!  But in between the tantrums about teeth cleaning, iPad use, bedtime, chocolate and coats, we’ve had some fun times.

On Saturday, we revisited an old haunt – the National Army Museum in Chelsea – which has an amazing kids’ zone.  You have to be really organised and book slots a few days in advance as it always sells out, but there’s good reason for that.  It’s a really fun softplay and activity room with restricted slots which means it’s never too busy and is nice and relaxed.  The children had a brilliant time – Sophie quickly bored of the baby corner, and went wild trying to navigate around the proper soft play, loving the helter skelter and tunnels.  She has no fear.  Alex enjoyed the slides, climbing, play kitchen and train/tank table (and the massive piles of leaves on the pavements outside)!  It’s a great place to spend a chilly Saturday morning.


On Saturday afternoon, Sophie and I did a spot of Christmas shopping in East Dulwich before meeting the boys at the Horniman Museum where we visited the fish (again).  Thank goodness we have membership there!  There was a rock band setting up in the open space in the middle of the museum ready for an evening performance – Alex hated the loud electric guitar noise.  Maybe he won’t be the next Dave Grohl after all!

Sunday started as normal, with a trip to the Brixton rec for a family swim and a tour of the Herne Hill farmers market for suppliers for lunch (had some amazing winter vegetable soup, rye bread and chocolate guiness cake this week).  With the weather clear, and Sophie’s nap out of the way, we decided to head up to the Southbank for a wander along the river to see the Christmas market.  We weren’t sure we’d made the right choice when both children fidgeted and cried most of the way there on the bus, but it was worth it for the gorgeous views and lovely festive lights.  London was looking glorious.


The big news of the weekend was that Sophie really seemed to master walking – going from doing a few paces to confidently being able to walk 10-20 paces (still doing the zombie walk with her arms up in the air and slightly out in front!).  Now nothing can stop my kamikaze daughter!

Other news from Family Agar was that Matt and I had a date day to celebrate his birthday!  After celebrating his big day with some cupcakes (and some wonderful singing and candle blowing from Alex), we took the day off work together and had a fabulous day together in London – visiting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, having a long lunch with no high chairs in sight, and then seeing Gravity in 3D at the IMAX!  What a treat of a day 🙂

Right – I must go to sleep, so let me close with a couple of photographs… Firstly, the latest train track arrangement which Matt is extremely proud of!  This uses our entire track collection and was intricately planned.  I’m not allowed to clean it up and Sophie is barely permitted to go near it for fear she’ll demolish it.

And the comedy pic of the week – Alex found some glasses at his childminder’s place:


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