Penguins, Peace Day and more parties!

Alex finally had his promised birthday trip to London Zoo on Friday.  Having had it cancelled on his birthday because Sophie was sick, Matt and I managed to take another day off to take him out on a trip by himself.  I’m not sure he grasped that it was a big deal to have the undivided attention of mummy and daddy as he asked where Sophie was quite a bit!  But it’s a nice tradition to start I think!

We had a bit of a disastrous journey up to Regents Park, missing the train and the bus and then selecting the slowest bus route in the capital.  But Alex was very good and we finally arrived at lunchtime.  We almost didn’t get Alex through the front door as there was an excellent playground right outside – but thankfully he remembered his love of penguins and so we headed in!

It was lovely and quiet in the zoo and so we got a great view of everything.  Alex adored the penguins – and they seemed to really like him and his scooter, much to Alex’s amusement!


After some lunch in the fabulous new Terrace Restaurant in the zoo, we explored the rest of the park – particularly enjoying the butterfly house, lions, tiger, monkeys, gorillas and komodo dragon. And, of course, the merry-go-round – Alex riding on a horse on his own for the first time!


Alex LOVED the bug house – making me look at locusts, cockroaches, maggots and tarantula (lovely!) – I was pleased to see the tarantula again, having met her before at the zoo’s “Fear of Spiders” course a few years ago (and yes, I am no longer afraid of spiders!).

We had a peaceful Saturday, with a trip to “baby booters” football in the morning for Alex and a nice walk to the park for Sophie.  After lunch, with the weather really bright and mild, we decided to get the train up to London for a spot of shopping and sightseeing in the city.

We headed to St Paul’s where we found some people celebrating World Peace Day with bubbles! Alex was in heaven as the sky filled with hundreds of bubbles and he joined in with lots of other children running around trying to catch and pop them.  He particularly loved the massive bubbles and the nearby water fountains.


Sophie was a little less impressed, and fell fast asleep in her buggy (in the garden where Matt and I had our wedding photos taken five years ago!)

Camera Roll-1123

Today has been all about birthday parties.  This morning we had a fabulous time at Jake’s 3rd and Emily’s 1st birthday party.  Held at “Diddy Dinos” in Crystal Palace Park, we had the entire nursery and garden to ourselves.  The children had a brilliant time running/crawling around – and we enjoyed huge amounts of food 🙂

Here’s Sophie and the birthday girl, exploring the pirate ship together:

Sophie was very brave – taking on a dinosaur:


And having a go at driving for the first time – helped by the Agar boys:


The highlight of the party for Alex and Sophie was the trampoline – they had a brilliant time bouncing together (so much so that for a few minutes I contemplated forking out for a trampoline for our garden, before Matt reminded me that it’s (a) nearly winter and (b) our garden is tiny!).  Here they are giggling away:

After much Fireman Sam birthday cake (yum), we headed back home for an hour of chill out time, before venturing out to our second party of the day – Alex’s friend Sam’s 3rd birthday party in Sunray Gardens.

Cue more running around for Alex – this time playing football and hide and seek in the bushes.  And of course a lot more cake and chocolate!

Alex enjoyed more bubbles (bit of a theme of the weekend):

And Sophie enjoyed cruising along the railings smiling at every passer-by (she is such a flirt!)

Here she is with her new friend Una:

It’s been a lovely – if slightly exhausting – weekend!  Roll on the next one, but first we have to survive a full week at work!

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