Happy Easter

As the long Easter weekend draws to a close, I’m glad to have my feet up at last.  It’s been an exhausting few days!  On the potty front, Alex hasn’t had a (wee) accident for two days now and is much happier with the potty and pants.  Phew.  Poos are another story – any mummy readers out there who care to share tips on persuading a very independent 2 year old to poo in a potty would be very welcome…

Enough discussion about potty training!  Amidst all the toilet focus, we’ve managed to have a pretty nice weekend.  We went on an excursion yesterday to the brilliant Horniman Museum for their Easter celebrations.  It was sunny, if absolutely freezing, so we finally explored their beautiful grounds.  The views of London were stunning from the elevated position and it was a real pleasure to actually spend some time outside. Alex loved the musical sensory garden space:

Camera Roll-1379

He also enjoyed their special Easter activities, making several visits to see the bunny rabbits and racing around the Easter egg hunt (well, Matt completed it as Alex was threatening a meltdown if he didn’t get a chocolate egg!).  We had a very chilly picnic before heading back to the warmth of our house for the rest of the day.  Here are the children snuggled up on the sofa enjoying “Monsters Inc” (again).

Camera Roll-1382

Today we braved the cold weather again to play in the local park.  Alex went on his scooter which he’s finally taking an interest in (only 6 months after his birthday, Michele!) – he’s not yet got the hang of changing direction, but can at least make forward progress on it at last 🙂

Sophie went on the swings for the very first time and looked quite impressed.  She looks so tiny!

Camera Roll-1383

Biggest milestone today was introducing Sophie to some solid food.  She’s been eyeing up everything we eat for a while, so I gave her a little bit of baby porridge at lunchtime.  Here she is…

“Oooh, what’s this mummy?”:

“This is interesting”:

“Ugh – no more!”:

I must admit, I’m super relieved to have made it through the past few days!  I’m looking forward to a quiet day with Sophie tomorrow, and I’m sure Alex is looking forward escaping the confines of the house to get to Jacqui’s!  Will be interesting to see how his potty training fares when he isn’t in the quiet of home.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to pray for the arrival of Spring.  Sophie and I were VERY cold at the park today:

It's so cold mummy

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