Mothering Sunday

Not sure why I’m titling this post “Mothering Sunday” as my Sunday was pretty much a normal (very nice) one!  We don’t really go in for the big commercial days in Family Agar, so I didn’t expect flowers or presents (lovely though that would have been ;-)!)….

Alex did make me a gorgeous card at his childminder’s last week, and the boys brought me a bacon buttie in bed on Sunday morning – so that was rather nice!

Happy mothers' day

Matt and Alex spent Sunday morning at Brixton Rec enjoying some swimming and softplay, whilst Sophie and I ventured out in the cold to the Herne Hill Farmers’ Market for our weekly browse of the stalls.  I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed that I am the first person in Herne Hill to collect all the stamps on the Love and Cake loyalty card – free cake for me next week!  In my defence, not all the cake I have purchased has been consumed by me (although I am rather partial to their chocolate guinness cake!).

We met up on Market Row in Brixton to enjoy a scrummy pizza at Franco Manca and a frozen yoghurt pudding.  It was bitterly cold all afternoon, so we stayed snuggled up at home.  We managed to persuade Alex to have a short nap, but he still got a bit stir crazy cooped up at home.  A bit of kitchen art brightened him up – here he is making a picture with macaroni, salt, rice, cardamom pods and mustard seeds (and a few feathers!):

To complete a very pleasant Sunday, Matt and I went out on our first date since having Sophie!  Emma, our regular babysitter (who conveniently happens to be a trainee paramedic!) dropped in for a couple of hours once the children were in bed.  We headed down to Herne Hill to have a scrummy dinner at The Commercial pub.  What a treat – we even managed not to talk about babies the whole time!

Not much else to report.  Alex’s foray into pyjama wearing contines to go well – we almost had a set back when I washed the helicopter PJs!  It took some persuading to get him into digger PJs instead (thankfully Matt found a helicopter picture on the label of the new pyjamas which made Alex happy!).  He delights in showing us his stripey pyjama bottoms every morning – so cute.

Time to sign off – am attempting to try cooking new recipes several times a week (have three shelves worth of cookery books, so have challenged myself to try them all rather than cook the same old meals).  Got a River Cafe pasta sauce on the go, so better go stir.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Sophie on Mothers’ Day – just because I like taking pictures of her!

Happy Mothers' Day

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