A quiet week

After all the excitement of the new year, things have settled down and we’ve had a quiet week. Not much to report, but I’m determined to post more regularly so here’s a quick update!

Alex is back at Jacqui’s four days a week and having a blast with his friends every day. He’s just started dropping his post lunch nap (very sad about that!), so he can get pretty cranky by bedtime after a busy day. Here’s a particularly bad photo of him happily cuddling his childminder’s dog, Nelson!

Camera Roll-1249

Whilst Alex was having fun, I had an interesting week. It started well with a nice trip into South Kensington to introduce Sophie to my colleagues. Bur then i was struck down with a horrible vomiting bug overnight. Matt had to take a day off to help look after Sophie (I think he rather enjoyed it!). Thankfully I recovered quickly enough to enjoy a wonderful Friday trip into Covent Garden where I met Matt for a delicious Mexican lunch.

Alex had yet another couple of birthday parties to go to at the weekend so is now well and truly obsessed with eating cake. At Saturday’s party, we could barely drag him away from the biscuit and cake table – no wonder he has so much energy!

The rest of the weekend was mostly very quiet. Matt and Alex went swimming and visited the Brixton softplay, before consuming vast amounts of food in Brixton village market. Alex is getting quite international with this choice of cuisine, with his favourite lunch being empanadas, followed by pizza, with churros for pudding! Whilst the boys were in Brixton, we girls were munching our way around the Herne Hill farmers’ market. Yum.

Highlight of the weekend for me was a few hours off! Matt enjoyed (?) 3 hours of solo parenting while I popped into London for a couple of drinks with a friend. I must admit, it felt quite surreal being on my own without a nappy in sight! Quite a treat 🙂

The temperature has plummeted, so we’ve spent a lot of time snuggled up at home working our way through the Pixar back catalogue. Alex is quite a fan. Sophie’s on a bit of a sleep regression, so having to spend a lot of time settling her. Thank goodness for TV to distract Alex (not quite enough, apparently, as I discovered him drawing on the TV in biro on Monday!).

Not many pictures this week – but to close, here is Sophie looking a bit mischievous:

Camera Roll-1254

And looking pretty in pink:

Camera Roll-1255

Engrossed in a bedtime story:

Camera Roll-1252

Finally, comedy pic of the week, Alex with brilliant hat hair after being out in the cold…

Camera Roll-1253

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