The end of Summer 2012

Before I get back into regular blogging, I should finish catching you up on our Summer.  [And before I go on, I should apologise – I wrote this two weeks ago, then lost most of it in a computer malfunction, and was so annoyed I didn’t come back to it until now!]

August was of course dominated by the London 2012 Olympics – something I’ve been looking forward with growing excitment since the possibility of a bid was raised.  Despite all the negative press, and our failure to get tickets in the first round of sales, we perservered – and ended up with a nice stash of Olympic and Paralympic tickets.  And Matt was super committed, and volunteered as a GamesMaker for the road race and triathlon.  It was a crazy month for us all – Matt did a lot of very long days in Hyde Park and Richmond wearing his swanky uniform.  And I got used to the jubilee line as I travelled to see the Opening Ceremony rehearsal, swimming, diving, track cycling, athletics, hockey, waterpolo, beach volleyball and the Closing Ceremony.

I wrote a couple of blog posts for work about some of the experience of visiting the Olympic Park if you’re really interested!:

Anyways, this blog is about Alex – so what did he think of the Games?!  Well, he certainly loved having Auntie Jo from Newcastle visiting for the duration of the Games, and of course Grandma and Grandpa who travelled over from Michigan for a visit (and much babystting!) – here is Alex enjoying a story with Jo and my mum:

Camera Roll-1001

I took him up to London to see the road race as it headed out of town.  Here he is waiting for the bikes and motorbikes to pass by:

Camera Roll-1005

And getting more excited by the helicopters hovering overhead:

At the 2012 Olympic Women's Road Race

We took Alex to the Paralympic Swimming.  Here he is in the Olympic Park!  I’m quite sad he’s so young he won’t really remember the amazing atmostphere, but I’m glad he was part of it!

Camera Roll-1077

Apart from the Olympics, we packed lots in to August and September.  We enjoyed lots of local visits to Brixton – here’s our greedy monkey enjoying a massive pizza in Brixton Village:

Camera Roll-1036

And speeding around Brockwell Park with daddy:

Camera Roll-1034

Here he is looking very grown up on the bus to Dulwich (after telling all the other passengers to make sure they sat down on the bus!):

Camera Roll-1047

We had some brilliant playdates in the sunshine – enjoying our little garden for the few days of British summertime.  Here’s Alex and his friend Sasha enjoying his ball pit:

Camera Roll-1080

We had an amazing day at the Herne Hill Velodrome with Matt’s dad watching Kierin racing.  Alex LOVED it – I think the combination of speeding bikes, motorbikes and the starting gun was a perfect combination! I can’t wait till Alex is old enough to get on a bike and try out the fabulous velodrome!

Camera Roll-1071

Just to close – here are a few of our London 2012 photographs.  Most are pretty rubbish, but it’s a fabulous reminder for me of a brilliant Summer!

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