A rare video post

So we rarely record videos of Alex, often because we forget, but probably mostly because I hate being in films (ironic given I manage video production in my job!).  But we’ve recorded a few little snippets of Alex recently, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to them.

As I mentioned last week, Alex is standing and starting to cruise – here’s video evidence of his early cruising steps:

And here he is enjoying some splashing in the bath – we’ve had to restrict splashing this week as we’re having our bathroom retiled!

We’ve been trying to get him to drink water from a sippy cup, and yesterday he finally managed to do it himself.  Here I am attempting to get him to do it on camera, without great success:

And finally, and most embarrassingly for me, here he is today at the Lambeth Country Fair dancing with me to some zumba:

Just in case you can’t see those embedded into the blog page, you can also see them on YouTube.

One thought on “A rare video post

  1. That’s so cute! Especially enjoyed the zumba dancing but you ought to get some new batteries for the bathtime music thingy – it’s starting to sound like backing track to a creepy movie!! 😉


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