In the wars

Well, we reached another milestone this week.  Alex is making huge progress with crawling – he’s pulling himself up into a standing position and beginning to attempt to climb.  Unfortunately, his physical developments aren’t matched with good sense – and, after climbing a little concrete step in Jacqui’s garden on Friday, he suddenly turned around to go back, lost his balance and landed on his head!  Thankfully it was a tiny step, and he didn’t hit hard, but he has his very first graze and bruise – right on his forehead.

Here’s the picture Jacqui sent me to warn me what I would be picking up after work!

Doesn’t he look like he’s been in a fight!?  Thankfully, he was absolutely fine and was full of smiles on Saturday morning as he prepared for his swimming lesson!

Alex didn’t let his bruises ruin the weekend, and we had a lovely time enjoying the sudden heatwave.  We spent this morning playing in lovely Dulwich Park, and this afternoon having fun in the garden.

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