Quick update

Very quick post to share a couple of milestones this week:

  • Alex is crawling at last – very slowly, and backwards a lot of the time – but he is certainly mobile now. Matt and I are looking around our house with a long list of child-proofing to do! Will post a video of Alex on the move soon.
  • He’s getting close to waving and clapping (or at least copying us when we do it!) – fun!
  • I took him to get weighed at the health visitor clinic this week for the first time in a couple of months. Since he was born, he’s been generally following the 75th centile line – but this week he was close to the 98th centile! What a porker – I guess this means he’s taken to solid food pretty well!

And just to share a picture of the week – it appears that Alex LOVES dogs. He spent last week in Wales doting on the Golden Retriever staying in the cottage next door. Every time he was a bit cranky, we’d take him outside to find Molly who would obligingly plod over to lick his toes and get patted. He just loved her. And of course, the highlight of our journey home for him was visiting the Agar dogs in Crowthorne. Here he is doting on them!

Camera Roll-493

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