8 months old!

We can’t quite believe it, but Alex turned 8 months old this week.  And he’s been on top form to celebrate – full of smiles and giggles.  Jacqui (childminder) says he’s been an absolute pleasure to look after!  Feel very proud – it’s like a glowing school report!

It’s been a fairly quite couple of weeks since we last tweeted.  We’ve enjoyed lots of catching up with friends after the multiple bank holiday weekends.  Here’s Alex with his friend Freddie last weekend.  We were out for lunch with Freddie’s parents – and the two boys spent the entire time stealing each others toys and snacks and generally smiling at each other.  So cute – I love seeing Alex interacting with other babies!

Last weekend we also had David, Bergin and Emmett over for Sunday lunch – Alex tried his first roast chicken, veg and gravy – as well as his first blackberries (most of which ended up all over him!)

I’ve enjoyed some catch ups with my NCT friends – we’ve had a couple of lunches with our boys which are always great fun.  All the babies are growing so quickly and at such different speeds – the youngest of the seven boys is the biggest of them all!  A couple are already crawling, and a couple can barely sit unaided.  Yesterday we spent hours sitting out in the garden with the boys happily playing on mats – it’s the first time they’ve been really interested in each other.

One of the highlights of the week was an NCT night out WITHOUT the babies!  All the mums left the dads in charge, and headed out for a fabulous Thai dinner in Herne Hill involving much wine and gossip.  Such a treat!  Matt and I also enjoyed a proper date this week – we hired a babysitter to watch Alex (who didn’t stir all evening), and headed out for a lovely meal in Dulwich Village.  We had such fun, I think we’ll try and do it regularly.  We used Sitters to find a local babysitter which was excellent – a great service for people who don’t have family close by.

Just to close – here are a couple pics of Alex underwater which were taken at his swimming class last week.  Not quite the Nirvana album cover, but cute nevertheless!



Also worth checking out my mum’s photos of Alex from her trip last month:

One thought on “8 months old!

  1. Happy 8 month birthday Alex!!!!

    Can’t believe how grown up he’s getting, he’ll be going to university before you know it 😉


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