Royal wedding

Alex and his "Kiss me Kate" beer!We all had a fabulous Royal Wedding day yesterday.  I’m not ashamed to say that I was looking forward to the festivities so was delighted when our friends in Blackheath, David & Bergin, hosted a wedding tea party.

They laid on cucumber and salmon sarnies, victoria sponge, scones, fruit cake – and of course bubbly, bunting and beers.  We all had a wonderful time munching through everything whilst oggling the dresses and hats (and Matt didn’t complain too much!)

Most amusing moment was their 1 year old son, Emmett, managing to switch off the TV right in the middle of the vows – so we missed that bit as we fumbled around trying to work out how to turn everything back on again!

Here are a few pics of the day.  Check out Alex’s fantastic toothy grin – this is a new facial expression and we LOVE it!  [Once again, I am stealing pictures from our friend David who was snapping away at the party – thank you!]

Royal wedding watching



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