Weekend fun

We’ve had a lovely few days since getting back from Dorset, despite Alex suffering from a cough and cold.  We stopped off in Crowthorne on the way home to visit Matt’s parents – and much to Alex’s enjoyment, their dogs!

Camera Roll-389

We had a quiet day on Thursday, enjoying the sunshine in London.  Alex and I had a lovely lunch with our NCT buddies and their baby boys whilst Matt had some quiet time.  Alex is now, finally, taking formula from a bottle, and this afternoon his daddy got to give him his feed.  Great for Matt, and a fab break for me 🙂

Camera Roll-391

The weather was so beautiful on Friday that we jumped in the car and headed to Box Hill in the North Downs.  Matt’s brother and sister-in-law joined us for a gorgeous walk and lunch.


Alex tried out his new shoes for size – very cute!


Saturday was mostly about eating!  After Alex’s swimming lesson (which sadly involved a lot of tears this week – hopefully because he’s not feeling right rather than the fact he didn’t like the pool) we stopped in at the Brockwell Park Lido cafe for a scrummy breakfast outside by the pool.  Amusingly, a 3 year old girl at the table next to ours got very excited about seeing “baby Alex” – we and her parents were a little confused, until we realised that they share the same childminder!  So Alex already has new friends!

After breakfast, we then met Catherine & Charlie (and their children Phoebe and Henry) for lunch in the Herne Hill creche – AKA Pizza Express.  I have never seen so many children in one place – the staff were amazing!  Certainly not somewhere to go in the daytime at the weekend if you’re looking for a quiet date!  Alex’s weekend food adventure was the discovery of yoghurt.  Some of this did go into his mouth:

Camera Roll-311

The absolute highlight of the weekend though was the fact that for the first time in Alex’s life, he slept through the night – twice so far!  We’re still in shock, and it’s probably because he’s slightly under the weather, but it was incredible waking at 7am having slept uninterrupted for over seven hours!  Woohooo!  Keeping fingers crossed for tonight…

To close the weekend, here’s another giggly Alex video:

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