Swings and swimming

It’s been an exciting week and a super exciting day.  With visits from Newcastle Jo and Alex’s Uncle David & Auntie Sarah, he’s been enjoying even more cuddles than usual.  And he had an evening alone with his daddy whilst I had a proper night out at the theatre – such a treat 🙂

But the highlight of the week, and certainly something we’ve been looking forward to for ages, was Alex’s very first swimming lesson!  We’ve signed up to Saturday morning classes for him so that it’s something he can do with Matt – and so at 9.30am today, Alex was sporting a rather dashing (and quite retro) baby swim nappy:

It was a fabulous 30 minute class, designed at getting all the babies used to being in the water.  They were pulled around the water on their front, back and side – and did lots of singing “round the mulberry bush” etc.  They were even totally submerged.  Alex was his usual serious self, but didn’t cry and wasn’t at all bothered at being under the water which was fabulous.  Hopefully he’ll enjoy swimming as much as his daddy – although not sure he’ll be ready for 2012!

Here he is posing with daddy after the class.  He looks particularly sad here – but he really did seem to enjoy the class!

And finally – here’s Alex showing off his funky swimming poncho:

On the way back from the pool, we stopped into the local park and tried Alex out in the baby swings for the first time.  He’s still pretty small for them – but he gave us lots of giggles and smiles as he swung.  Here’s a quick video of him slumped in his swing!

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