Announcing the arrival of Alex Agar! – first week diary

Sorry for the blogging silence – those of you we’ve spoken to will have heard that Alex’s birth and first week weren’t quite what we’d planned, and with a rather unfortunately timed burglary, we lost the means to blog. But we’re home now, stolen technology replaced and so we’ll try and keep this up to date with news and photos of the little man.

We’ll post the story of his birth (don’t worry – it won’t be graphic!) soon, but here are some pictures from his first few days!

Me having my first cuddle in the recovery room:

Slightly shell-shocked parents!

Meeting Uncle David

Early checks found that Alex had quite a severe case of jaundice, so he spent quite a large part of his first week undergoing light therapy.  Sadly this meant that cuddling time was curtailed as he was only allowed out of the box for feeding and nappy changes.  And the little man didn’t like wearing the protective mask very much, which made for a stressful time trying to keep it on him.  Here he is in his little box:

Alex having photo therapy

Thankfully his jaundice improved enough for us to get to enjoy him a little more – here he is with dad giving us a little grin!

Alex giving us a smile

There are loads more photos of his time in hospital on Flickr – you can reach them on the right hand side of the page.  We’re adding to them all the time.  More posts about his first month coming soon…

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