Getting used to maternity leave

I’m now just over a week into my maternity leave – and am just beginning to get used to the completely radical change in lifestyle!  It was quite an adjustment.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have hundreds of outstanding emails and work to always potter with in the evenings and weekends.  But, in a series of rather lengthy days in the office, I managed to get my inbox down to zero and all my work handed over – so I could set my out of office message to April 2011 and bid my team farewell.

After a couple of days when I admit I felt a bit lost and bored, I’ve started to enjoy this quiet time.  I’ve been enjoying lunch with NCT friends, reading, taking baths in the middle of the day, napping, writing letters, cooking and generally relaxing.  As long as I have one thing in my diary to structure my day, it’s been fab.  Long may it continue!!

But time is ticking, and we hit 38 weeks this week.  Today’s excitment was my midwife appointment – happy to find baby is still doing really well.  Great position and strong, healthy heart beat.  So we’re all on track for an arrival in the next few weeks!

Picture of the day – our nearly packed hospital bag.  He could arrive any day now, so we should probably finish pulling what we need together this weekend!  What you can’t see in this picture is the collection of sneaky snacks we’ve packed and I’m trying not to eat during the day – the bags of wine gums remain intact as of 5pm today…!

The hospital bag

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