Scrambling on Burbage Rocks [Peak District 2020]

Whenever we explore somewhere new, we usually try and visit as many different sights as possible. But on our trip up to the Peak District, we loved one location so much, we visited twice.

We knew the kids enjoyed a good scramble, so I looked for somewhere they could experience some of the unusual Peak District rock formations – and I settled on Burbage Rocks. We parked at the free car park at Upper Burbage Bridge and immediately admired the gorgeous views.

The pink colour of the heather looked so beautiful against the greys of the moody sky and greens of the lush landscape.

We started following the path towards Higger Tor, one of the landmarks of the northern Peak District, and quickly found ourselves amidst huge boulders. Immediately, the children set about exploring – can you spot them here:

They had so much fun, finding tunnels and places to climb.

And I had so much fun photographing their joy and the stunning surroundings.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t get very far along the path before having to turn back and head for home (where we had a Sunday roast waiting in the local pub!).

I loved every minute on the rocks – and spent much of the evening that followed on RightMove contemplating a move to Sheffield or Manchester so we could be much closer to landscapes like this!

A few days later, the children begged to go back – and we didn’t hesitate. Leaving ourselves more time on this second visit, we planned to follow a circular route, starting back at the rocks around Higger Tor, but then walking in a loop past the North Burbage Rocks to watch the more serious rock climbers.

Again, we immediately got diverted by the brilliant scrambling for a while!

And the children grew more confident with their jumps and stretches!

But this time, we did manage to make progress on our chosen route!

I’m not going to lie, my heart was in my mouth a few times as the height of the rocks grew and the kids got even braver – but they are like goats and managed to land safely on each leap!

Here we all are, full of smiles and about to head off along the path you can see in the distance.

I think you can tell how much fun we all had – I know we’ll be back again, and next time I’m planning on booking a climbing lesson for Alex and Sophie so they can get roped up to go even higher!

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