A family ride on the Tamsin Trail

So I’m not doing too well at the old work-life balance at the moment, with most of my spare minutes being spent trying to keep on top of work projects. I have several posts in the pipeline, including a fabulous week away in Whitstable – but for now, here’s a little snippet of our May bank holiday weekend.

Matt was keen to try out the bicycle carriers he’s recently fitted on the car so we headed over to Richmond Park on Bank Holiday Monday to attempt a family circuit.

Four bikes on top of a car

Some googling had introduced the Tamsin Trail to us – a 7.5 mile trail that hugs the perimeter of the park away from the road where the serious cyclists zoom.

We managed to get to the park without any of the bikes falling off the roof and were quickly on our way. Despite the grey skies and slightly chilly weather, the park was busy and the path full of people jogging and riding. But there was plenty of space for us to enjoy a gentle pace.

The children got a little bit grumpy when faced with the couple of steep hills, but the route most mostly flat which meant we covered the distance really quickly. And I had a pannier full of drinks and snacks to keep tired legs from flagging.

We were thrilled to see plenty of deer along the way:

It really does feel like you’re escaping the city, the park is so immense. The trail was ideal for families and there are plenty of places to stop for ice cream along the way. I’ll be back cycling in Richmond Park in September at the London Duathlon, so this was a good (albeit slow) practice ride for that!

4 thoughts on “A family ride on the Tamsin Trail

  1. That looks a great bike rack, we need to get soemthing as all my kids have adult bikes now and due to the dangrous roads we can’t actualy cycle out of home but there are so many good tracks and proms locally. I love Richmond park, what a great place to cycle together. Mich x #CountryKids


  2. Richmond Park is such a beautiful place and the Tamsin trail sounds like a good distance for a bike ride with children. Glad the snacks and drinks helped encourage tired legs on. A lovely way to enjoy some family time together. Thank you for sharing with #CountryKids


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