Exploring the capital on two wheels with RideLondon

I need to get my blogging mojo back.  I’ve missed it! It’s been weeks and weeks since I’ve written, and I have so many blog posts in my head to share.  I’ve spent the last 6 weeks focused on a busy work contract – but the go-live date is finally here and I can get back to some semblance of life balance!

So I’m going to ease back in gently with a quick post to share something lovely that we did today.  We took part in the RideLondon FreeCycle event – an eight mile circuit of some of London’s most beautiful sites on completely closed roads.  I’ve always wanted to have a go, but this is the first year where our little family are all confident cyclists.

As someone who now cycle commutes across London, the idea of roads without buses, taxis and cars was super appealing – and it was as wonderful as I imagined.  It was such a pleasure cycling along familiar routes in the sunshine with my family at a gentle pace, surrounded by other families happily doing the same.  There were literally tens of thousands of people riding the course during the day!  We cycled along the river, around Green Park and Buckingham Palace, down the Mall to Trafalgar Square, along the Strand and Aldwych and around Lincoln’s Inn Fields – you can see the full route here.

We only snapped a few photos as we didn’t want to stop.  Here are Matt and Sophie making their way over Waterloo Bridge together:

And Alex checking out the city views:

My favourite part was cycling around Buckingham Palace and along the Mall.  Having watched the Olympic Road Race and the Tour de France speed along here, it was so special doing the same. Here’s Alex on the right heading towards Admiralty Arch:

And a dreadful picture – but my highlight of the day.  Sophie and I had the Mall to ourselves (because of a pedestrian crossing pause behind us) and we got to speed along together under the finish line arch, just like Mark Cavendish and the other pro cyclists will in tomorrow’s RideLondon races!  So much fun!

We even managed to grab a selfie in front of Buckingham Palace together.  My cycling family – I’m so proud!


I’ll definitely be back next year and hope to explore more of the peripheral cycling activities along with riding the empty roads again.  Hope to see you there!

7 thoughts on “Exploring the capital on two wheels with RideLondon

  1. To good an opportunity not to take. Lovely to see so many people doing the same. I admire you comuting across the capital on a normal day, not sure I would fancy it in a car let along on a bike. Must be quite fumey.


  2. Oh wow that looks like great fun. I am with you I think Buckingham Palace would be my favourite too. What a great event something for me to bookmark for when the boys are bigger x #CountryKids (Mudpie Fridays)


  3. What a fun way to explore the capital and even better as part of a car free organised ride. Lovely to see so many taking to bikes and a perfect way to see the sights. I must say you did really well with photos whilst riding!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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