A football themed birthday for my six year old

I think I’ve taken so long to write this blog post because I am slightly in denial that my baby is now six years old! But six he is, so I really should remember how we celebrated his birthday last month!  This year it was all about football.  His party was a couple of days before his actual birthday, but he was allowed to open up his special present from my parents and grandparents early so he could wear it to the event.  He was already kitted out in his Crystal Palace kit when he unwrapped the parcel with Sophie’s help.


But was beyond excited to discover Real Madrid Ronaldo strip of his very own!  Why any team would choose to wear white will always be a mystery to me – I’m already dreading keeping it clean!  He wants to wear it every day!


He put it straight to good use as he was having a football party!  A coach from Football Magic gathered the party guests and led an hour of football games, challenges and mini matches.  The boys LOVED it!






We’d invited a fair few girls along to the party, but sadly none of them joined in with the pitch action.  They preferred a slightly more sedate kickabout on the sidelines but I think still had fun!


Sophie inherited the Crystal Palace kit for the party and ran around like a mad thing, playing with balls and stealing biscuits.


Love this pic of me and my girl with her crazy long hair


The weather was pretty rubbish, so the grownups mostly sheltered in the inflatable marquee.  There was a comedy moment when the generator ran out of fuel so we had to hold it up to protect the food and drinks while it was refilled!  I held on tightly to my prosecco!


The exhausted footballers needed refuelling too, so settled down to fruit snacks and biscuits.


And of course, football birthday cake!


My boy had the best time with his friends – I love this picture of him.  He looks so proud and happy, and is surrounded by so many of his lovely friends.  It was a fabulous party – the coach was excellent and the boys seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.


After all that excitement, Alex’s actual birthday was a rather quieter affair.  Being a school day, we just had time for some quick present opening before breakfast!  He was such a lucky boy, receiving a new bike from us plus a skateboard, ukulele (!), lots of lego and some beautiful books.


I’m so proud of my boy.  He’s so confident, articulate and funny that he is a real pleasure to be around (although I’m really hoping his listening ears improve this year!).   Here’s Alex on all his birthdays – growing up so quickly!


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