My siblings {March 2016} – puppy love

With the weather pretty grim this month, and another spell of nasty colds hitting Alex and Sophie, I’ve struggled to capture a sibling moment for March.  I’ve rarely had the camera out and when I have, my pair have not been particularly cooperative!  As the end of term drew closer, they both seemed to get more and more tired, and more grumpy and naughty!

But Good Friday finally saw some warmer weather and sunshine and a chance to play outside without being wrapped up in layers.  We spent the day out in Berkshire with my brother (more on that in the next blog) and then popped in to visit Matt’s dad on our way back into town.  He has two gorgeous puppies so the kids were beside themselves with excitement at spending a couple of hours there!

They ran wild in the lovely big garden, Sophie – as usual – her big brothers shadow, following him wherever he explored!  Here they are exploring the borders (sorry Michele!) together just before they got stuck into helping the puppies dig holes in the lawn!  Alex delighted in creating “mud-alanches” (his word), filling in the holes and getting very muddy in the process.

But the real highlight was, of course, the puppies – Mokka and Koko!  The dogs were as excited to see the children as the children were to see them, and Sophie got a bit scared with all the licking and boisterousness, but she soon gained confidence, spending most of the visit stroking them.

Here are my siblings trying to get Mokka to join them on the sun lounger!


Alex and Sophie in March:

25942973122_e00b682a34_k (1)

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