Into the woods

Just sorting through the photographs on our camera and spotted a fun series we took a couple of weeks ago that I haven’t shared on the blog.  We recently spent a wonderful Autumn afternoon in Sydenham Hill Wood, just up the road in Dulwich.  It’s a real local gem – a beautiful wood where you can really escape the bustle of London whilst staying in the centre of town.  The woods are big enough that you can have a lengthy walk and get quite lost, but small enough for little legs to explore without too much whining to be carried!  We went with our friends Caroline and Dave, and their children – Alex and Sophie’s good friends Sam and Una – and what fun we had!

The pictures make me chuckle so I thought I’d share some with you…

Here are the intrepid explorers off on their adventure:


It was surprisingly warm for October, so the children loved exploring in their tshirts and wellies:


We were surprised at how green everything still was – we were expecting Autumn golds and reds but the trees were still full and green!  At least there was a good sprinkling of leaves on the ground to walk through:


The kids had a great time snuggled into a natural den together – their giggles echoed around the trees.  Very cute!


Here are the girls investigating the minutiae of the woodland floor together:


And Sophie posing for photographs – a natural performer I think!


We tried to get the four of them to sit together for a photograph, but I don’t think we managed one shot without some sort of shenanigan (mostly from Sophie it appears!).  Love these pics though!





One thought on “Into the woods

  1. They do all look like the best of friends, what a wonderful looking day and a great place to all meet up. I hope the grown ups had as good a time catching up as the children did! Thank you for sharing such fun filled photos with me on Country Kids.


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