Close to home

One thing I love about living in Herne Hill are the number of friends we’ve made here. There are still a cluster of our NCT class friends in the area, and over the years we’ve met more people through the children. It’s such a family friendly part of town that we nearly always bump into people we know when we’re out and about – and the children seem to have so many friends at school and at their childminder that they know way more people than we do!

A couple of weeks ago we had a bit of an impromptu reunion – with our formerly local friend, Katie visiting from her new home in Australia with her family.  My NCT friend Bryony and I arranged to meet her for brunch and a play in Brockwell Park.  And at the very last minute, we realised our friend Jess was free too – so our tally became 8 adults and 8 children!

Here are Freddie, Jake and Alex reunited over breakfast!
18099195115_0d8e4b3f38_z (1)

After our huge fry-ups, we let the children loose in the park to burn off some energy.  There was a lot of running involved:


And serious amounts of climbing and clambering:

Us mums enjoyed a lengthy gossip and catch-up, after being apart for ages (I’m not sure what I said that shocked Jess so much here!).  Meanwhile, the children had a lot of catching up to do themselves – they all got along so well!


It was brilliant seeing Sophie and Emily together again – they spent a lot of time together in Katie and my early weeks of maternity leave!


The following weekend, we made the most of our garden being finally finished by hosting a BBQ in our garden.  The weather was stunning and we had such a chilled out time catching up with other local friends. I love the picture of Rosita, Alex, Sophie, Arlo and Sam entirely focused on a film (which we put on to try and get them all to sit down still for a few minutes!)


We really have enjoyed spending time in our garden – I’m suddenly feeling garden proud and even a bit enthused about pottering around in the flowerbeds!  We picked up a second hand see-saw the other day – which doesn’t work so well as Alex and Sophie are so different in weight!  They love it nevertheless!


We also procured some water pistols which have given them no end of fun – it’s a bit one-sided as Sophie isn’t very good at shooting hers.  But so far, the uneven battles don’t seem to have dampened their friendship!GardenFun

When not in the garden, we’ve been getting creative in the kitchen with a spot of baking with daddy (I do love Sophie’s choice of attire here with her heavy boots and nappy combo!)


And lots of drawing – here’s Alex very proud of his interpretation of Thunderbird 2!


To close this rather miscellaneous catch-up post – here are a couple of silly snaps of Sophie and I “racing” in the park.  She’s just beginning to get interested in her balance bike so we’re trying to encourage her with some races in Sunray Gardens!  Sunray

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