The Long Walk (or should I say toddle)

It’s time for a photo post! Having missed my nieces’ first birthday during our trip to Wales, we were long overdue a get together – and we finally managed one last weekend in Windsor’s beautiful Great Park.  Turned out it was Rose and Lucy’s very first picnic, so we were honoured to  join them!

It was surprisingly hot so we set up in the shade of a tree and tucked into a vast picnic together


Rose and Lucy crawled around sampling food from everyone’s plates!


It was a perfect spot – safe for the little ones to crawl around and explore and for our energetic pair to run wild, while we relaxed in the sun.  My poor brother and sister-in-law attempted a quite cuddle, only to have Alex pounce on them for a group hug!


Deeply amused by this, what followed was a series of bundles on top of Matt.  Kids found it hilarious, Matt not so much!


Now the twins are on the move, it was great fun to watch them interacting with Alex and Sophie – here’s Lucy helping Sophie roll!


Superhero Alex loved playing with his Auntie Sarah:


With all the fresh air and excitement, the twins needed a quick nap – so they snoozed while Sarah wandered along the Long Walk, drawing lots of smiles at their cute legs peeking out of the buggy!


Batteries recharged, the fun and games recommenced – here’s Lucy trying to get the ball from Alex:


I can’t believe how quickly this pair are growing up.  I did feel for them wearing their cute woollen dresses in the unexpected heat – although it was lovely to see them looking so cute in the outfits I’d given them for Christmas!


We whiled away ages on The Long Walk and in a nearby playground (which conveniently sold ice cream!). The girls are so close to walking that I’m sure next time we see them, they’ll be running after their cousins!



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