Party season

I’m so behind with the blog! I’ve been wrestling with the photo editing / collage software I normally use, and with so many photos to share from the past fortnight, it’s been a challenge. But I can finally share all the snaps from a fabulous weekend of parties earlier in October.

We’re in the middle of birthday party season for the children, with two of Alex’s NCT friends turning four at the start of October. We started our weekend at Arlo’s 4th party.  Alex loved playing musical statues and pass the parcel and had a brilliant time running around with all the other little ones.  Sophie enjoyed polishing off everyone’s jelly and ice cream while they weren’t looking…


After the party, we headed up to Northampton for a night with my parents ready for Freddie’s party in Oxfordshire the next morning.  We made the most of the glorious Autumn sunshine, stopping for a wander along the canals on the way to the party.  Sophie had selected a fabulous outfit of a bright yellow cardigan, pink shoes and thick, long purple wellie socks.  Classy lady.


Freddie’s party was absolute heaven for my four-year-old explorer.  Organised by Little Wild Things, it basically involved the gang of children running wild in a forest for a few hours, completing a range of brilliantly fun and messy challenges!

We searched for bugs under logs and dirt:


Made sticky mud pies:


We swung from the trees:


And built a woodland den:


We smiled all day:


And chased bubbles in a clearing:


Sophie adores bubbles – especially when super big ones pop on her face!


We hung around upside down and giggled non-stop:


And if that wasn’t brilliant enough, we ended the party with an open camp fire to toast marshmallows on!  The children were so well behaved sitting nicely until it was their turn to go up to the fire, although neither Sophie or Alex particularly enjoyed the marshmallows!


Even Sophie got a turn:


We were all exhausted after the party, but had a wonderful time.    I love getting my urban children out into the woods and all muddy!


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