Parties and Polesden Lacey

We’re entering a run of packed weekends, full of parties and social engagements – with so many of Alex’s friends born in September and October, he has a particularly busy diary!

Knowing we had a 4th birthday party to go to in the afternoon, we had a relatively quiet Saturday morning. The boys decided to go swimming – but building on last week’s cycling success, Matt decided to run to Brixton pool accompanied by Alex on his bike. I was a bit worried it was too far, and that Matt would have to deal with a meltdown half way there, but they did brilliantly – doing a circuit of Brockwell Park before heading to the pool, 4km in total! Go Alex!

While the boys were at the pool, Sophie and I were checking out the new softplay cafe in Herne Hill – Jelly Tots Cafe.   Sophie had a brilliant time, whiling away an hour with all the toys and softplay, while I enjoyed a delicious slice of cake.  I wish it had been open when I was on maternity leave (although suspect my waistline would have been even bigger!).

We spent the afternoon at Alex’s friend Sam’s 4th birthday party in Sunray Gardens.  His parents had taken over a secure corner of the park, laid on a fabulous spread of food and an old school sports day and party games for the children.  Here’s Sam with his fab football cake, and the boys helping each other with pass the parcel:

SamParty2They enjoyed a few rounds of “egg and spoon” races (with potatoes instead of eggs!) – although Alex got frustrated that he couldn’t do it very quickly, and Sam wasn’t keen on other people winning!


Alex tried his hand at bowling at cricket, with Sophie to run after the ball.  And Sophie enjoyed lots of tickles!


It was a lovely party with good friends and a very relaxed way to spend a Saturday afternoon – although we were all on a bit of a sugar high after the cakes, brownies and flapjacks!  Yum!

With Sunday due to be a sunny, Autumnal day, we decided to head out on a proper day trip with our friend John and his daughter Sasha.  We opted to use our National Trust membership to visit Polesden Lacey in Surrey. We’ve not been since I was pregnant with Sophie, so it was such a pleasure to go back with both children.  Alex, Sophie and Sasha ran around the massive grounds – climbing trees, searching for bugs and rolling down hills.  I love living in the city, but it’s fab to see them running around in the fresh air and woods!


They particularly enjoyed the play area and the natural sculptures and climbing frames:


We seemed to run around the woods a lot – not sure why we didn’t walk – but at least we could justify lovely big lunches and cakes in the National Trust cafe at the end of the visit.


Back in Herne Hill, we ended our lovely weekend with a playdate in the local park with our NCT friend Shelly and her son, Ralph. Another keen climber, Ralph joined Alex in his favourite climbing tree, and they both got terrifyingly high!


Sophie thankfully stayed a little bit lower down, but looked pretty happy about it!


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