More milestones

Just time for a quick blog post to get up to date before we get into Alex’s 4th birthday weekend!

Last weekend we passed another two milestones – the first being our very first trip to A&E! Not a milestone to celebrate really. Thankfully it wasn’t for a major crisis. Alex did something to his ankle, and couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Cue much upset and drama as he desperately wanted to go to his cousin’s christening party that day. But, with school nursery starting the very next day, I decided we should perhaps double check he hadn’t seriously damaged himself.

So Matt and Sophie headed to Shere in Surrey for the christening, Alex and I ventured into King’s College Hospital A&E! Turns out they have a special childrens’ A&E which meant lots of toys and books to play with making the wait less unbearable.  They were fabulous and got Alex’s foot x-rayed really quickly – thankfully no breaks, just bad bruising.  After a day spent on the sofa watching movies, and a good sleep – it seemed much better.  So school was back on the agenda 🙂

Matt and Sophie had a lovely day at the christening and the pub in Shere, Sophie clearly enjoying having the undivided attention of her Nanny Michele and her cousins!


The next, more significant milestone was on Monday when Alex started the local school nursery.  He was so excited, I was worried he’d get completely hyper and get told off on his very first day.  But he was brilliant and, from what I have heard, very well behaved.  I was so proud when I dropped him off.  There were plenty of children sobbing about being left, but Alex went straight in, looked totally in awe of the vibrant classroom, sat down with one of the teachers and immediately joined in with a song – huge grin on his face and dimples showing.  So proud!

I’m yet to buy the official school jumper as they are out of stock, so I’ll do a proper uniform shot soon – but he still looked cute in his pristine polo shirt.  Sadly, we soon discovered the mud kitchen, and that was the end of that tshirt (any tips for removing stains…?!).  Here’s the before and after…


Four days in, and he’s loving nursery school. He goes for five mornings a week and seems to be thriving.  He’s come home with three stickers for good behaviour (and three pretty much ruined outfits!) and appears to be learning new songs, doing some phonics/number work and lots of free play (not that he tells us much about what he gets up to – something I guess I’ll have to get used to now he’s become more independent from us!).

What else have we been up to?  We visited the Tall Ships Festival in Greenwich last weekend.  I’m not sure we quite saw the best of it as there weren’t that many ships – but the ones we did see were very impressive, and the peripheral fair really good. I think the children enjoyed the massive playground in Greenwich Park and the DLR journey a bit more! We didn’t take many snaps, but here are the ones we do have.


We’ve also enjoyed some more tree climbing


And a fun playdate with Alex and Sophie’s friends, Sam and Una.


In a matter of minutes, my baby turns four-years-old.  I still can’t quite believe that.  He’s incredibly excited about the big day – I wonder how early he’ll wake up!!

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