Park life

After our camping weekend, we had a very peaceful, local week. With our childminder on leave, it was a short working week, and we used first few days off in the glorious sunshine to enjoy the brilliant parks we have close to our home. Starting with Ruskin Park…

Ruskin Park is a transport mad toddlers dream, as a busy railway line cuts through the bottom off it, right next to the paddling pool and playground. So Alex is always happy to visit. To make things even more exciting, you occasionally see the air ambulance land in the space next to King’s College Hospital. Once the patient has been transported on to the hospital, the crew have to hang around waiting for their paramedic to return. And sometimes, they fill the time showing excited children around the helicopter! Alex was lucky to experience this last week:


Once we’d dragged him away from the chopper (and his bike), we had a good splash in the paddling pool to cool off after another boiling hot day. Sophie loved being swung around:


Next park – Brockwell Park. An absolute favourite of ours – with brilliant playground, lido, cafe, paddling pool, sand pit and even a little railway line! On this trip, we took Alex to the BMX track for the first time. He’s so in love with his new pedal bike skills, he was desperate to have a go. We didn’t expect he’d be able to get round on his own, but sure enough, he tanked around the bumpy track only needing a little bit of help getting up the steepest sections!


Not to be outdone by her big brother, Sophie insisted on having a go. She looks so mini on Alex’s bike!


After a picnic lunch, we popped into the water play and sand pit area for some more wet fun. Once Sophie had plucked up the courage to actually go under the sprinklers, so adored it:


Alex was excited to see Amelia, an old friend from his childminder after well over a year. They immediately remembered each other, and soon Alex was joining in the loom band craze with Amelia’s friends! I love the concentration on his face!


Next up was Burgess Park – one we’d not really explored. I was away at a full day choir rehearsal, so Matt took the kids for a recce. And his report was excellent! I can’t believe we’ve not been before – the playground was amazing. Sophie was in her element:


The BMX track, though closed, looked amazing. One of the instructors was there about to run a class. On spotting Alex’s enthusiasm, he invited him along for a beginner class, so we’ll try that in a couple of weeks! Giving up on the cycling, Alex and Sophie sampled the park cafe, and I think their faces suggest it was pretty good!


They ended their day on a quick jaunt around Dulwich Woods:


I love that although I live in zone two, there are so many green spaces we can enjoy as a family. These are just a few – there are also Dulwich Park, Peckham Rye and of course Sunray Gardens on our doorstop.

We weren’t outside all week – we did enjoy a lovely visit from Sophie and Alex’s friend Jake who joined us for a toddler tea:


And here are my siblings happy together just before bedtime. Love their crazy smiles!


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