Cousin love

I think it’s going to take three blogs to catch you up on our last couple of weeks.  I had intended to blog a little and often as we headed up North on holiday, but various factors put paid to that idea – from the holiday cottage we were staying in not having any internet connectivity, to Sophie pouring bubble mix on my laptop and rendering it useless!

But I’m back online (phew, was getting shaky!) and have just finished sorting our hundreds of holiday photographs – who knew it was possible to take quite so many pictures of the Forth Bridge!

I’m not going to start with our holiday though – I’m going to begin my updates in reverse order, starting with a v quick picture blog of a lovely day last weekend.  For my dad’s birthday, my parents plus my brother and his newly expanded family joined us at a lovely pub down in Weybridge.  I’d been nervous about going to a rather suave looking gastro pub with my crazy children – but the Hand and Spear was so large that we had a room to ourselves.  The children could run wild without disturbing anyone!  But they were actually remarkably well behaved – check out the calm photograph.  Everyone is sitting down quietly (probably because the pudding had just been served!)


The lunch was the very first time Sophie and Alex had met their brand new twin cousins, Lucy and Rose. Alex in particular was very excited – saying they were “as cute as puppies” and reminding us that he had to stroke them gently.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I’m holding Lucy and Rose is fast asleep top right (really hoping I’ve got that right!).


My parents were in their element surrounded by their four grandchildren!


Alex and Sophie both seemed so grown up – it’s hard to believe they were ever the size of their cousins!


They do love their ice cream!


It was fab to get together as a family – such a rare occurrence in our busy lives.  I’m so glad we got a snap of us all together.  Happy birthday dad!



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