Festivals and funfairs

What a tiring weekend! As those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will certainly be aware, this weekend marked the Imperial Festival – a two day public science Festival organised by my Division at Imperial College London.  For me, it’s meant some crazy long days on Thursday and Friday and a full day at work on Saturday as I volunteered at the event – exhausting, but a real pleasure!  Given I work in a university, I actually don’t work very closely with the academics – so it was fabulous to see some of the incredible things coming out of Imperial.  I certainly learned a lot!

I can’t claim any responsibility for the brilliant programme of events and activities, but my superb team did a stunning job designing all the materials for the Festival and associated Alumni Reunion, everything from the printed programme, to signage, decoration and even tshirts (here’s Alex, my little Imp, proudly modelling the pair of children’s tshirts available!)


After being at work for hours yesterday, I was really proud when Matt arrived with Alex and Sophie for the closing couple of hours of the Festival.  Their arrival coincided with the end of my shift, so I had a wonderful time showing them all around.  We saw robots, play doh virus models, a giant nose and bowls of bogeys (!) and some spectacular bugs:


Armed with balloons we slowly headed home just in time for bedtime.  Looking forward to #impfest 2015!


Today was much quieter and local – the Dulwich Festival is on at the moment, so we headed over to East Dulwich to the Goose Green Fair.  Alex was convinced it was a proper funfair, and shouted “FUNFAIR AHOY” when we spotted the stalls from a distance!  Thankfully, he wasn’t disappointed with the pair of bouncy castles and the single slide!  After a bounce, slide and a visit to the donkeys, we enjoyed lunch and ice cream over live music.


I took the children out this afternoon so Matt could catch up on some work, so we had a fun trip to the fab local bookshop, Tales on Moon Lane, where we stocked up on some new bedtime reading books, the Herne Hill farmers market and the Brockwell Park Adventure Playground.

I think I’ve ended the weekend more tired than I started it – but it’s been a fun one!

Night all



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