150th post

Doing some serious work avoidance this evening, and catching up on the blog as another glorious weekend draws to a close.  Turns out this is my 150th post on this blog – wonder how many more I’ll do before Alex and Sophie rebel and refuse to allow me to share their lives online!

Right now they have no choice – so let me tell you want we did this weekend!  After the sensation that Spring had sprung last weekend, the past few days have felt like Summer!  Sophie bared her arms for the first time in months – I think she was quite confused!

Matt’s had a horrible few days of work, so I took the children out for a few hours on Saturday so he had some time to carry on with his work projects.  The weather was stunning, so we started at our local park for some duck feeding and fun in the playground.  Sophie got pecked by a goose while trying to feed it some bread which shocked her a bit, but a go on Alex’s scooter made her forget the trauma pretty quickly!

After a stop in East Dulwich for the beginnings of a Summer wardrobe for the children (yay for Sainsburys) and some picnic supplies, we hopped on the bus up to our favourite museum – the Horniman.  It was too nice to go inside, so we enjoyed a couple of hours exploring the beautiful grounds, farmers market and walled gardens.  Mostly the children tried to find things to climb on


We stopped briefly for a picnic lunch in the gardens, before checking out the animal walk (Sophie loved the goats and alpacas, Alex was more interested in the guinea pigs!) and sampling some chocolate button crepes (scrummy).

Matt joined us for a quick trip into the museum for our usual trek around the aquarium and the excellent interactive Extremes exhibition – here are my crazy family on the summit of Everest!


After a leisurely walk home through Dulwich Park, stopping for ice cream while Sophie napped, we stopped off at our local kids shoe shop to check out Alex and Sophie’s shoe sizes.  Sophie’s feet are still tiny, but Alex’s have grown again so it was time for new shoes.  For the first time we let him pick his own new shoes – and have ended up with very cool, bright green trainers!  Oh dear!

Today we headed out of town to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Reading – just three weeks before they are due to become parents to twins!  With the sun shining, the children stripped down to their tshirts and took of their shoes and spent the entire time either in the fabulous playground near their aunt and uncle’s house or in their enormous garden.  The only time we dragged them inside was to make and eat homemade pizza!

Here are some rare shots of the siblings together – they almost never stop for long enough to capture them together!


Here’s our failed attempt at a family photo!


And a slightly better one of Sophie and her uncle!


Comedy moment of our trip was Sophie stealing my pudding – she commandeered my mini magnum ice cream and very quickly looked like this:


One very happy girly!  The sugar rush didn’t last and she passed out asleep as soon as we started heading back to London:


We made the most of the last of the sunshine today by catching up on some gardening – Alex got completely filthy helping with some digging.  Check out the green shoes!


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