Catching up

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet on the blog front.  We’ve been super busy with work and looking after the little ones that I’ve not really stopped to jot down what we’ve been up to and take pictures.

But it has been a good couple of weeks. Both Alex and Sophie are on really good form – happy and calm (most of the time). Best of all, they’re sleeping beautifully and giving Matt and I little lie ins at the weekend.  Of course, by lie in I mean 7.30/8am – but that’s a pretty big deal for parents of young children!  And I’m sure I’ve just jinxed it by writing that!!  It feels very wrong having to wake them both up on week days in order to get to Jacqui’s on time!

So, after enjoying a lovely snooze on Saturday morning, we packed a picnic and headed east, out to London Docklands.  Alex loved the journey there, getting extremely excited at the DLR trains and a bit concerned at their lack of drivers on board!  We headed straight to the Museum of the London Docklands for a bit of an explore and play in their brilliant Mudlarks softplay room.

Sophie had a great time toddling around the exhibition rooms and Alex could barely be dragged away from the sensory spice exhibit – going up and down the various spice samples and giving them a good sniff!

In the softplay, they both had fun splashing in the water play area and Alex attempted to load up some wooden ships with their cargo using magnetic cranes!


It’s a lovely little place.  After a picnic lunch, we searched out the Thames Clipper pier and got the fast boat back to London Bridge.  Sophie sadly snoozed through the entire journey, but the rest of us enjoyed the stunning view in the rare sunshine – nothing quite beats zooming along the river under Tower Bridge!


We whiled away the rest of the afternoon along the river and in Borough Market where we stopped for ice cream before heading back home.

On Sunday we had a much quieter day with our normal trip to the pool for a family swim.  My Newcastle-based friend, Jo, popped over for lunch and I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and catch up with her.

We ended our weekend on a playdate with Alex’s “girlfriend”, Rosita!  It was exhausting watching the pair of the running around and amusing watching Sophie trying to keep up.  They had a great time playing “schools”, although Alex was more interested in thinking up creative reasons for why he was late for school than concentrating on the alphabet.  Doesn’t bode well…

The children have clearly had a blast with their childminder, Jacqui, who regularly sends me lovely (and often hilarious) photos of what they’re up to.

jacquiAlex is clearly starting to enjoy dressing up!!

The only other thing of note this week is that Alex had his pre-school booster innoculations – he was super brave, not getting upset at all, and instead getting rather obsessed with getting a chocolate lolly for bravery!  I can’t quite believe that he’s done with his jabs until he’s a teenager!

To close, here’s beautiful Sophie – not a baby anymore!


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