Getting muddy and star gazing

I can’t quite believe another weekend is over – they fly by so quickly.  I find myself dreading Sunday evening as we’re having such fun at the moment together.

The lovely weather this weekend has kept all our spirits high – it’s been chilly, but so sunny and clear. We contemplated doing a museum or a music class on Saturday, but decided it would be just wrong not to get outside and enjoy the sunshine after so much rain recently.  So after a very lazy morning playing at home, we drove over to Deen City Farm, a great little place down in Wimbledon.

With the children wrapped up warm, we set out in the mud to visit all the animals.  We quickly regretted leaving Sophie’s waterproof suit at her childminder’s and the fact she only has one pair of shoes and no wellies!  But she had a blast, so we didn’t really mind (although wellies are now on the top of my shopping list!).  We saw cows, sheep, pigs, horses and even an alpaca.  Sophie, the animal lover she is, adored them all – especially the chickens and turkeys!  Alex liked the ducks, laughing how they kicked their legs underwater like he does in the pool.


After lunch in their little cafe, we set off for home – although not until we’d had a game of hopscotch in the farm gardens.


Once back home, we continued with our outdoors theme, and Alex and I did a spot of gardening – well, actually, we planted the Rocket seeds he got in his stocking.  Given our terrible record of growing things, I don’t hold out much hope for them, but Alex is inspecting the pots several times a day.  Fingers crossed!

Then it was back outdoors for a walk to Herne Hill to enjoy the sunset.  Alex has become a little obsessed with stargazing, following the BBC CBeebies series this week.  So we took his binoculars out and spent some time inspecting the moon so Alex could check out the craters (he likes to talk to us about how they were made by asteroids and meteors!).  It’s brilliant and I hope his interest remains.  It’s so infectious, Matt and I were hanging out of our attic skylights last night looking at Jupiter!

Today we did our usual swimming trip to Brixton before having our friends Katie, Jake and Emily over for a playdate and dinner.  We had a lovely afternoon watching the children playing – even managing to find time to properly talk to each other.  And, against all odds, we enjoyed a big roast dinner together with all the children eating nicely and being very good indeed.  Having said that, the conversation did get a little repetitive – here are the boys enjoying telling each other that they are “stinky”.  Hmmm – toilet humour starts young!


To close, here are a few pics that I should have shared last week but just spotted on Matt’s phone.  It’s Sophie and Alex having a blast putting the tree away last week.   Sophie does love those lights!


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