Mud pies, donkey rides and paddling pools (again)

I can’t quite believe another weekend is over – and this is my final one on maternity leave.  I’m back at work on Tuesday – gulp!  More on that in another post….

In the meantime, what have we been up to? Yesterday morning, Matt and Alex headed off to the messy play club, “Happymess“, again.  When he woke up, we gave Alex the choice between toddler football and art, and he picked art – am a very chuffed mum!  This week they were creating blossom trees, playing with a play dough farm and making mud pies.  Here’s a gorgeous picture of my boys making their blossom tree:

Painting blossom trees with daddy

But of course, Alex’s favourite part of the morning was making messy mud pies:


My fridge door is filling up with fabulous pictures (thankfully not made with mud).  I love it 🙂  Not sure that Matt particularly enjoys it – but I love Alex getting creative and muddy!  I’ll definitely take Alex next time – I want to have a go!

Whilst the boys were off getting dirty, I spent my time busy in the kitchen making batches of puree for Sophie who is finally showing an interest in food.  She’s been devouring Ella’s Kitchen fruit and vegetable pouches (always Alex’s favourite too), as well as bits of finger food like toast, cucumber and rice cakes.  She does like using her hands to eat – mealtimes are getting decidedly messy for Family Agar.  I invested in some long sleeved, plastic bibs for Sophie today to try and save her clothes – here she is trying to eat some puree herself:

Yesterday afternoon, I took the children over to Dulwich Village to get Alex some summer sandals – ironically, the heavens opened as we left the shoe shop, but Alex still insisted on an ice cream reward for his brilliant behaviour in the shoe shop!  So we sat in the rain and ate ice cream – such a British summer!

Today, thankfully, the weather was a little better – just in time for the Goose Green Summer Fair, part of the annual Dulwich Festival.  We enjoyed a lovely few hours in the sunshine, it was even warm enough to sit for a picnic together.  Alex is so much bigger than he was at last year’s fair, and went on all the children’s rides on his own.  He even climbed up some enormous slides by himself and had no qualms about sliding down from the top – I couldn’t watch!

He went on his first donkey ride at the fair.  He queued with me for ages, and then when his turn came decided that he didn’t really want to ride a big donkey.  But thankfully he changed his mind and agreed to ride on “Cedric” – and he loved every minute.  He very politely thanked Cedric at the end of his go 🙂


When we got home, Alex insisted on spashing in the water again, so happily sat in his mini paddling pool in the chilly wind (whilst I watched on wearing multiple layers!).  At least this week I persuaded him to wear some swimming trunks! He definitely has Scottish blood 🙂

I think we need to cut our grass!

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