8 weeks old already

I still can’t quite believe Sophie is already 8 weeks old – I seem to remember with Alex it taking an eternity to get to the point where Calpol is permitted (!).  It’s been a whirlwind few weeks as we adjust to family life with two children.

Sophie and meIn many ways it’s been so much easier than Alex’s few weeks – we already have a routine with Alex that Sophie has slotted into, and we’re both so much less nervous of little babies!

But, of course, having a demanding 2 year old makes things challenging in different ways.  Alex has generally been really good around Sophie – mostly understanding he needs to be gentle with her.  He’s always stroking, cuddling and kissing her, which is very cute.  He has, however, been quite a handful for me at times, playing up to get my attention.  He’s calmed down a bit now which is a relief – for a couple of weeks, I must admit I did wonder where my lovely little boy had gone!

Sophie is doing pretty well on the sleep front – she’s a pretty poor napper (just like her big brother was!), but is doing ok at night.  She’s now in her own room, so we no longer disturb each other so much.  And right now, she’s only waking twice in 12 hours and settling back to sleep really quickly, which is a lot better than where we are at this point with Alex.  Of course, things change all the time with little babies, so no doubt she’ll have some sleep regressions (or maybe she’ll suddenly sleep through!)

Highlights of her first 2 months include:

  • Getting to spend lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa – unlike when Alex was born, mum was around from day one and dad joined her after 2 weeks, so they both got to spend lots of time cuddling the newborn and playing with Alex.  Here’s my dad with her:


  • Dad also had the pleasure of accompanying Alex to his very first rugby practice (at the brilliant Ruggerbeez club).  It was freezing and wet, and Alex only managed about 20 minutes before getting too cold.  He’s still a bit young for it, but when Alex is playing at the Rugby World Cup in a couple of decades (for England, Wales or Scotland we’re not sure), we can point to this picture as the very beginning:

Camera Roll-1158

  • Sophie starting to smile a gorgeous smile at 4 weeks old – Alex didn’t smile for months so this really was quite a treat.  Here’s a very early grin:

Camera Roll-1163

  • A trip to the Brixton Ritzy cinema at 2 weeks old to see “Skyfall” with us (got to love the Big Scream every Friday morning!)
  • A professional photoshoot! Shutterbaby photography did a drop in session at a local cafe, so we took Sophie along for some proper snaps.  Here’s just one of the four gorgeous pictures we ended up with:

Camera Roll-1166

  • We’ve had some lovely visits from friends, including Katharine, Jo, Bryony, Catherine and Charlie – so many cuddles for Sophie!
  • We’ve enjoyed hanging out with Sophie’s little friend Emily – who was born a month before Sophie, but was actually due a month after her!  Here they are having a kick around together this week:

Emily and Sophie

To close, here are all the pictures we took during Sophie’s first month – just in case you want more!

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