June in pictures

It’s been a busy couple of weeks – so I thought I’d capture what we’ve been up to in pictures…

We’ve spotted boats on the Thames at London Bridge:

Camera Roll-937

We’ve buried ourselves at the Brixon Rec softplay:

Camera Roll-940

Alex has become the fastest Under-2 in Southwark – well, Alex won the running race in the Southwark Childminder’s mini Olympics – we have a medal and certificate!  Maybe his first of many titles 😉  Apparently Alex’s childminder taught him to say “I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win” before the race – and when the whistle blew, he sprinted as fast as he could.  He’s clearly inherited his parent’s competitive streaks!  Here he is walking home victorious:

Camera Roll-942

We’ve been out on our bikes;

Camera Roll-948

We’ve buried ourselves again – this time in sand at the Brockwell Park playground:

Camera Roll-946

We’ve been on a tractor ride at Godstone Farm:

Camera Roll-949

And we’ve ridden on our first fairground ride on our own:

Camera Roll-951


Camera Roll-953

We’ve LOVED playing in the water play at Myatt’s Fields:

Camera Roll-956

Camera Roll-955

And fallen in love with a pink buggy:

Camera Roll-958

Clearly Alex is preparing for the arrival of a baby sister in October 😉

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