Cuddles with Grandma

We’ve had an exciting week with the arrival of Grandma!  My mum’s been visiting the UK from Michigan for the first time since Christmas – so it was a big treat for her to see Alex.  I think she was a bit shocked at how much he’d changed in the past few months!

Alex was certainly spoiled for the few days mum was in London – he’s never had so many cuddles!  Now he’s more independent from me, it was fab for mum as she could feed him his milk and food, and help with nap and bathtme.  We had gorgeous weather, so spent most of the time outside, visiting Borough Market, Dulwich Village and all the local parks.  Alex is really strong a sitting now, so he’s happy sitting in the sunshine on his blanket playing with all his toys.

He’s teething again and spends most of his time trying to get things into his mouth – he’s latest trick is attacking our ears, necks and faces with his mouth – ouch!!

Here he is enjoying one of his many Grandma cuddles!

Camera Roll-419

It was lovely having Grandma here and we were all sad to see her go.  My mum and dad aren’t back in the UK until July.  I wonder what Alex will be like by then!

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