Mother’s Day

Alex on Mother's DayToday was my first Mother’s Day as a mum! Was very impressed that little Alex managed to coordinate a beautiful bunch of flowers, thoughtful card and delicious breakfast out in the cafe at Peckham Rye! Thanks to his daddy for helping out with logistics 😉

It’s been a gorgeous, sunny weekend – so there have been a few trips out to the swings and a glorious walk around Peckham Rye this morning. Alex looked particularly fetching in his sunhat and cardi combination!  I’m loving not having to squeeze Alex into his fleece suit all the time now it’s warmer.  Fingers crossed Spring will actually last.

We’ve also been having a lot more fun around bathtime.  Now Alex can sit up by himself, he’s been playing properly in the bath with all the fabulous toys he’s been given, including a floating glockenspiel (which he prefers to try and eat rather than play at the moment) and an England Rugby rubber duck.  Matt won’t let me take photos of Alex in the bath (trying to protect his modesty!) – but I’ll try and sneak one soon.

Quiet time

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