Getting the house ready

With Rome out of the way, and no more house guests booked in – we had no more excuses! It’s time to get the house ready for Bob. Cue more builders…

We gave away our old spare room furniture ready for the upstairs bedroom to become a proper nursery. New furniture is on order, but first we’ve got carpenters in sorting out cupboards, shelves and doors and then a decorator to freshen things up a bit. And downstairs, we’re re-doing the study to become a proper guest bedroom.

So once more, our house is a bombsite with our belongings stacked up in every spare corner! Plus, we’re gradually gathering nappies, baby stuff, pram etc, so we’re rapidly running out of space. Hopefully it’ll all be over in a couple of weeks – but here are a couple of pictures of the nursery before the builders got to work and the beginnings of our stash of baby stuff…

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