A beautiful afternoon in Belair Park

It’s been a lovely, quiet Saturday here in Herne Hill – just what we needed after a fairly hectic fortnight.  The children are tiring as half term approaches, so we kept things local.  We started our weekend with the usual dancing and swimming lessons for the kids, but by 1pm the calendar was clear – as was the weather after a drizzly morning.   So we packed up the kids’ bikes and headed to Belair Park, a pretty patch of green in Dulwich Village.  The grounds of beautiful Belair House feature huge expanses of green space, woodland, a lake and playground.  It’s such a pretty house – I loved seeing different angles of it as we wandered around the paths.


But the kids weren’t interested in architecture – they were more interested in speeding through puddles on their bikes!  Sophie is getting much stronger on her bike now, and is finally beginning to master the art of braking!


We stopped for ages by the little lake in the beautiful afternoon light.



Alex and Sophie found long sticks to pretend they were fishing.




They’d both been a bit grumpy about coming out – they wanted to watch a movie but we insisted on some outdoor time!  But as soon as they arrived, they were so happy and didn’t stop grinning!


I love this face!


Sophie abandoned her bike to run through the woods.


And found clusters of snowdrops amongst the trees.


Meanwhile, Alex went off-road on the bike!



After walking around the park, we made it to the little playground to burn off a bit more energy!  Here my duo are pretending to be Moana and Maui from the Disney movie they are obsessed with!


Such a blue sky!


We stayed in the park for ages enjoying being outside and in such a green space so near to home.

5 thoughts on “A beautiful afternoon in Belair Park

  1. What a perfect place to have close to home. It looks beautiful there, I’d like to explore the house but I know my kids would have been just like yours and far more interested in tearing around the grounds. To be fair this is just hat kids should be doing and in my mind it beats a movie afternoon, I don’t mind a movie evening after some run around time like this. Beautiful photos with the winter sun.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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